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Click on Comments to share with other readers in the Group your ideas on the short stories, poems and novels you read here.

Commenting on the texts you read is a very important aspect of being a member of any reading group. It is what makes reading more exciting, challenging and rewarding. Reading is a very personal experience but it is also a social practice as discussing the texts we read is a way people have been using for centuries to interact with each other.

Discussing your views on the plot, characters and/or any other aspects of the text makes reading more interactive and interesting to all of us. It helps us to see aspects of the text that may have escaped us and also makes us more aware of how people in different contexts see and interpret the stories and poems. You can also share ideas on how to use these texts  in your teaching practice with your students.

We look forward to reading your comments here.

<![CDATA[Welcome!]]>Sun, 26 Apr 2015 15:09:56 GMThttp://eltreadinggroup.weebly.com/forum/april-26th-2015This reading group is for English language teachers and professionals from all over the world who are passionate about literature and would like to share this passion with others.

This is an open group but we would like to know who you are and why you are joining us. To join the ORG, just complete the form of the right and post your WELCOME message by clicking on Comments.

Introduce yourself to other readers here and tell everyone a little bit about yourself: your teaching background and context, as well as your literary preferences and why you would like to become a member.